State Society Officers


K. James Taylor, Jr., P.E.
K. James Taylor, Jr., P.E.President
James Taylor graduated with bachelor’s in civil engineering and is licensed as a professional engineer (PE). He has over 12 years of in both land development and municipal fields in Delaware and Maryland. James is a Project Manager at Duffield Associate, where he earned the 2017 Employees' Choice Award.

Erik Hughes, P.E.Erik Hughes, P.E.Treasurer
Erick Hughes works for AECOM as a licensed Civil Engineer in Delaware. Erik graduated from Bucknell University

Delaware Engineering Society Past Presidents

John C. Bryson, PE
E. Donald Shackleford, PE
John W. Chromy, PE
C. W. Hazel, PE
Herbert E. Stouffer, PE
Arkan Say, PE
F. Thomas Prusak, PE
Guy Marcozzi, PE
William H. Godshall, PE
Robert W. McClure, PE
James T. Johnson, PE
John T. Kephart, Jr., PE
James J. E. Boyle, PE
Mario Gangemi, PE
William J. Miller, Jr., PE
Robert R. French, PE
John G. S. Billingsley, PE
Leslie A. Benmark, PE
Terence T. Gleason, PE
John J. Gillespie, PE
Raymond D. Richter, PE
Desmond A. Baker, PE
Judith Bedard, PE
N. C. Vasuki, PE
Bangalore T. Lakshman, PE
Joe J. Welker, Jr., PE
Earl Radding, PE
Mark Parker, PE
Stacy B. Ziegler, PE
Ahmad Faqiri, PE
Michael A. Angelo, PE
Jason Winterling, PE
Christopher Duke, PE

Vacant Positions

The following positions are currently vacant:

  • Vice President and
  • Secretary.